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House Conspiracy is run by Jonathan O'Brien and Lewis Holmes. They and the rest of their team are available for contact at any time.

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House Conspiracy Inc.
42 Mollison St
West End, QLD 4101

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House Conspiracy is a non-profit arts project based in West End, facilitating, exhibiting, and documenting new work by Brisbane artists. This project happens because of the following people:

House Conspiracy Jonathan

Jonathan O'Brien
Founding Creative Director

Jonathan O'Brien is a writer and producer, and worked on Roving Conspiracy for almost eighteen months before taking on House Conspiracy. You can check out more of what he does on his website, Facebook, or Twitter. He is currently working on the seminal Australian joke book.
0402 992 345

House Conspiracy Lewis

Lewis Holmes
Logistics Director

Lewis Holmes is a professional pedant, actor and a generally disgruntled democratic socialist. In other words: he's got behind-the-scenes at House Conspiracy on lock. Lewis is ardently committed to ensuring that the spreadsheets are balanced and the budgets are in surplus. Talk is cheap. Let's try love.


Cinnamon Smith
Marketing Manager

Cinnamon Smith is an arts marketing mogul. The fact that you're reading this means she's already succeeded in her role at House Conspiracy. When she's not lowkey coaxing people to get involved with the Brisbane arts scene she's recommending that you follow us on our fresh as all heck Instagram page.


Community Advisor & President: Elizabeth Cowie

Podcast Producer: Tyler William Morrison

Graphics by Brittany Hill.
Logo by Elia Roehrs.
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And, of course, our incredible volunteers.

House Conspiracy is supported by:

House Conspiracy Doug Hall Foundation

If you'd like to see yourself or your organisation on our list of supporters, please check out how to become a patron, or email

House Conspiracy was founded on 25 August 2016 by Jonathan O’Brien and Remi Roehrs.