Loose Screw Theatre Troupe

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Loose Screw Theatre Troupe

The Repairman
May 4 – 7

Are people around you broken? Do you wish you could do something more to help? Well you’re in luck. We will be running initial Repairman workshops so you can see for yourself what being a Repairman is all about. Demand to be fixed is on the rise and we need YOU to help us meet that demand.

That’s right!. You, yes you, can become a Repairman and start helping the broken today. Yes, today! You’ll only need one training evening to know you’ll love the job.

A show about being broken. Do you want the things that broke you to be taken away? Or are they such a part of you? Or are you tired of other people telling you you’re broken? What happens if you’re offered the opportunity to lose the things that broke you? Do you say yes?

Please note this show has mature themes and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Andrew Barnes / Tess Brading / Sophie Carozza /
Nick Hart / Kayla Robinson

Annabelle de Paola / Caz Kropp / Ellen Paddick