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#36 – Rosie Funder: 'There was no one thing—it was a long process of shedding'


Writer Rosie Funder joins House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien to talk about uncertainty, monomaniacal bodybuilders, and the Melbourne-Brisbane divide (or lack thereof). Also Jack Vening. At the end we mention Jack Vening.

Rosie Funder is an emerging writer of creative non-fiction based in Melbourne and Brisbane. In 2015 Rosie completed her Honours at QUT, creating a body of work that explored notions of doubt and uncertainty in the essay form.

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#35 – Ellie-Lea Jansson asks: are our reactions to light learned or innate?


Interdisciplinary installation artist Ellie-Lea Jansson sits down with Jonathan O'Brien to discuss art-life balance, and how lighting affects our interactions with space.

Ellie-Lea’s practice currently explores the role of objects and their power to influence personal and societal identity. Experimenting with a range of processes including text based, digital and 3D mixed-media, she is transforming her practice from trained painter to multimodal artist. Intrinsic to all of these approaches is the selection of materials and methods for their inherent relationship with the ideas being examined. Ellie-Lea works at an institutional level within the arts and has studied Visual Arts, Film and Education. She has travelled and resided in many parts of Queensland and Australia and is currently Brisbane-based. Through investigating immersive methods that are both personal and vulnerable, her practice explores a subjective and at times interactive approach to art making that references her nomadic life and makes visible the fluid and collective notion of identity. 

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#34 – Julia Scott Green: 'I'm focussed on preserving the means to keep making'


Photographer extraordinaire Julia Scott Green sits down with Jonathan O'Brien to discuss the complexities of the information age, art as a historical artefact, and the different paths to 'emerging' as an artist.

Julia Scott Green is a visual artist who works with and investigates photography. She does so through commercial projects, communications education and in her personal visual arts practice. She has recently expanded into light installation inspired by her photographic work, and will be developing these ideas during her House Conspiracy residency.

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#33 – Kristian Santic: 'Great work accesses the invisible'


Physical theatre-maker and dancer Kristian Santic joins House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien to talk about liminality, enlightenment, and how money and clinical political correctness leads to bad art.

Kristian is a Brisbane-based performance artist specialising in the forms of Contact Improvisation, Theatre, and Dance Theatre with a strong curiosity for experimental and hybrid work. His current focus on collaboration and its direct translation into work yields cacophonous, collage-like performances that are heavily influenced by the utilisation of diverse modes of expressions. These works comprise of live projection, community participation/interaction, large-scale spectacle, installation, and cinematography.

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#32 – altform: a collective of identities


House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien chats with altform about what it's like for a single person to become a collective.

altform is a collective of artists working together to collaboratively curate experiences. Through the development of interactive installations, immersive performances, and community oriented events, the collective’s medium is the experience, and these experiences serve as platforms for connection and critical discussion.

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#31 – Ella Donald on the internet; angles vs. ideas


Writer Ella Donald chats with House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien about real life and the internet and how they're becoming more and more the same thing.
Ella Donald is an arts and popular culture journalist and critic from Brisbane. Her work regularly appears in the UK-based film magazine Little White Lies in both print and online editions, and also can be seen in publications like The Guardian, Vanity Fair, SBS, Junkee, Brisbane Times, Kill Your Darlings, and Screen Education. She’s been writing professionally since she was 15, editing and co-owning the popular website, which was profiled by various outlets including Tumblr and received worldwide press and recognition from publications including Elle and fashion houses like Kate Spade. With backgrounds in film and television, dance, theatre, photography, and music, she has written extensively on these topics, as well as covering celebrity, popular and youth culture, social and cultural issues, technology, and fashion from both an industry and audience perspective. In 2016, she participated in the Melbourne International Film Festival Critics Campus. She is available for all your trivia team needs (for a fee, of course).
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#30 – Rachael Wellisch: 'I thought we were going to talk about art!'


House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien chats with Rachael Wellisch about living in Dubai and how the history of indigo is an illuminating touchstone for New Materialism.

Rachael Wellisch’s practice is positioned within a conceptual framework that considers humans and culture in relation to physical matter. The process of indigo dying is integral to Wellisch’s work, in which she transforms matter to objects of cultural significance. Wellisch completed Honours at the Queensland College of Art. In 2016 Wellisch received the St Andrews War Memorial Hospital Art Award.

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#29 – Joseph Burgess: 'Koalas are f***ed'


House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien chats with Joseph Burgess about the life of an artist on the road.

The works of Joseph Burgess concern palaeontology, the destruction of sacred sites and identity . Combining stop motion animation and time based video art with an anthroposophical sentiment The Australian Mega Fauna project aims to celebrate Australia’s natural history and the oldest culture on the planet.

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Introducing: Love Letters to F***bois Presents: #1 – The Politics of Sleeping With Younger Men


This week we bring you a cross-broadcast and introduction to a new show: Love Letters to F***bois Presents, hosted by Melina Wightman and Lia Stark, available everywhere except iTunes (though soon to be iTunes). You can also check them out here:

In this letter, the ladies discuss their love of the ;’Mrs Robison’ character in dating. They look at the pros and cons of dating someone who thinks dial-up is just a way to booty-call someone. 

#28 – Craig Garrett: 'The creative process can't be compartmentalised'


House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien chats with local writer and community radio hero Craig Garrett about juggling projects, having discipline, and the dangers (or lack of dangers) posed by modern technology.

Craig Garrett is a Brisbane-based radio and sound producer, creative writer and journalist. He’s produced documentaries for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) and 4ZZZ; he’s produced soundscape recordings for festivals; and his work is available on Soundcloud and via 4ZZZ & ZED DIGITAL (Brisbane), 3CR (Melbourne), 2SER (Sydney) and nationally via the Community Radio Network: CRN.

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