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#18 – Sancintya Mohini Simpson: ‘You can think about big things in small pieces.'

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Sancintya Simpson to talk about the history of her family across the globe and the process of unveiling that history. We also talk about intergenerational trauma, decolonisation, and about the artist as a facilitator for healing.

Sancintya Mohini Simpson is an interdisciplinary artist and writer who examines the complexities of racial, migratory and mixed-race experiences within Australia through painting, photography, video, performance and sound work. Her practice is informed by her heritage as a biracial First-Generation Australian of Indian-Anglo descent.

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#16 – Peter Kozak: "The footage becomes what the work is."

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Peter Kozac to discuss vulnerability, how form and process are intertwined with the nature of a work, and how to make that work universally accessible.

Peter Kozak is an emerging artist whose practice focuses on representations of human fragility and vulnerability in video and video performance art.

PS: Producer Tyler William Morrison endorses this podcast as one of the best yet.

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#15 – Aron Oroszvari reads 'Tomato'

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Aron Oroszvari to read and discuss Aron's story 'Tomato', and to talk about reading, writing, dogs, and babies.

Aron Oroszvari is a fledgling writer who composes minimalist fantasy and surrealist short stories. He is based in Brisbane and splits his time between writing working as a check-in attendant for Sunstate Coaches.

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#14 – Rebekah Evans: "I don't know if there's such thing as true and not-true."

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Rebekah Evans to discuss truth, ecocentrism, the divide between humanity and nature, and how to create and experience things from outside your own perspective.

Rebekah Evans is Brisbane based artist working in the mediums of drawing & weaving. In 2016 Evans studied Fine Arts with Honours at QCA, creating a body of work that responds to the poetics of interconnectivity. Inspired by fluidity, Evans work explores perception and the experience of time and space, in light of living in contemporary age of the Anthropocene.

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#13 – Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau: "I don't know where home is."

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien speaks with Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau about identity, the personal and the political, moving cities, and, for a surprising amount of the show, time travel.

Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau critically examines the construction of cultural and racial identity. She critiques the generalised portrayal of the East Asian culture through digital manipulated self-portrait and wearable art. Dorothy’s practice conveys the notion of perplexity developed from her peripatetic youth, providing an intimate reflection on the sentiment of displacement experienced globally and collectively.

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#12 – Amanda Wolf on how to get a job: "Just wear a leopard outfit."

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Amanda Wolf, performance and installation artist, about sewing, performance, and watching (or not watching) scary movies as kids.

Amanda Wolf is a Brisbane based artist and Co-Director of the SX+ Collective. Wolf graduated from the Queensland College of Art with First Class Honours in 2013 in addition to a Diploma of Fine Art from the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in 2005. Wolf’s exhibition history includes solo projects for Cut Thumb ARI ( Brisbane), First Draft (Sydney), Strange Neighbour (Melbourne), Sawtooth (Launceston) and The Hold (Brisbane). Wolf has also participated in group exhibitions and major arts festivals across Australia including Melbourne Fringe Festival and This Is Not Art Festival (Newcastle).

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#11 – Rebecca Cheers: "I used to moderate a Zelda forum… now I'm writing a novel"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with local writer Rebecca Cheers to talk about publishing, writing novels, ambition, and literature. 

Rebecca is the founding editor of Woolf Pack, a Brisbane-based zine publishing femme and non-binary artists. She is studying creative writing at QUT, is working on her first novel, and she wants a new pen pal and thought this would be easier than using a website.

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#10 – Rhiannon Dionysius: "I couldn't imagine being a brain in a jar"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Rhiannon Dionysius to talk sculpture, the body, the difference between community and personal arts practices, and Shia Labeouf.

Rhiannon Dionysius is a Brisbane-based artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation. Her work explores representations of the body and vulnerability, and engages with themes of femininity, sexuality and appearance. Rhiannon has exhibited at various galleries around Brisbane, most notably at the Hold Artspace and with Corflute as a part of the BARI Festival in 2016. Alongside her practice, Rhiannon is passionate about supporting local artists and has been involved as the art coordinator/curator for Roving Conspiracy and Paint It Red music and art events. Rhiannon graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art in 2016. 

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