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#12 – Amanda Wolf on how to get a job: "Just wear a leopard outfit."

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Amanda Wolf, performance and installation artist, about sewing, performance, and watching (or not watching) scary movies as kids.

Amanda Wolf is a Brisbane based artist and Co-Director of the SX+ Collective. Wolf graduated from the Queensland College of Art with First Class Honours in 2013 in addition to a Diploma of Fine Art from the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in 2005. Wolf’s exhibition history includes solo projects for Cut Thumb ARI ( Brisbane), First Draft (Sydney), Strange Neighbour (Melbourne), Sawtooth (Launceston) and The Hold (Brisbane). Wolf has also participated in group exhibitions and major arts festivals across Australia including Melbourne Fringe Festival and This Is Not Art Festival (Newcastle).

See more of Amanda here.

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#11 – Rebecca Cheers: "I used to moderate a Zelda forum… now I'm writing a novel"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with local writer Rebecca Cheers to talk about publishing, writing novels, ambition, and literature. 

Rebecca is the founding editor of Woolf Pack, a Brisbane-based zine publishing femme and non-binary artists. She is studying creative writing at QUT, is working on her first novel, and she wants a new pen pal and thought this would be easier than using a website.

See more of Rebecca here.

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#10 – Rhiannon Dionysius: "I couldn't imagine being a brain in a jar"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Rhiannon Dionysius to talk sculpture, the body, the difference between community and personal arts practices, and Shia Labeouf.

Rhiannon Dionysius is a Brisbane-based artist who works primarily in sculpture and installation. Her work explores representations of the body and vulnerability, and engages with themes of femininity, sexuality and appearance. Rhiannon has exhibited at various galleries around Brisbane, most notably at the Hold Artspace and with Corflute as a part of the BARI Festival in 2016. Alongside her practice, Rhiannon is passionate about supporting local artists and has been involved as the art coordinator/curator for Roving Conspiracy and Paint It Red music and art events. Rhiannon graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland College of Art in 2016. 

See more of Rhiannon here.

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#9 – Lia Stark: "Are we being ethical sluts?"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Lia Stark to talk sexuality, feminism, New York, and why she's so damn angry.

Lia Stark is a Brisbane-based independent theatre-maker whose practice is focused on extending the female voice. Since graduating from QUT in 2014, she has gone onto work with Punchdrunk's Sleep No More in New York City and trained with movement choreographer Stacey Donovan of the The Improbable Stage. Upon returning to Australia, she co-devised an tradicomedy theatre piece called Love Letters to Fuckbois and Other Woes of Wayward Women with Melina Wightman and it sold out  at both Brisbane's Anywhere Festival and Melbourne Fringe. Lia's theatre practice will always strive to achieve one of three manifesto-like goals; the engagement with, examination of and proliferation of the female perspective, the use of personal testimony/truths at the centre of every story and creating theatre that is community-led incitement for change.

See more of Lia here.

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#8 – Alice Hung: "Bamboo is the future"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Alice Hung to discuss bamboo, the blurred distinction between artistic and utilitarian creation, and how bamboo is so contextual in how it's valued as a medium.

Alice Hung does awesome things with bamboo. She hasn't been able to send through a bio yet because she's overseas, but House Conspiracy is keen to have such a talented Bamboo Weaver working within our walls in 2017.

See more of Alice here.

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#7 – Jesse Perrin

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Jesse Perrin to talk process-based art, happiness, experience, and haircuts.

Jesse Perrin is a Brisbane based contemporary artist whose practice primarily involves soft sculpture, featuring the occasional uncanny aspect. Recently the artist has delved into the digital realm, branching off into sound and performance based works. Originally a painter, the artist chose to expand her horizons, taking on new approaches to old mediums as well as experimenting with new and diverse media.

See more of Jesse here.

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#6 – Caitlin Strongarm / Caitlin Armstrong

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Caitlin Strongarm on a sleepy morning for a shockingly articulate conversation about games, play, childhood, and the different ways of framing theatre, action, and intent.

Caitlin Strongarm is a vaudevillian maelstrom who creates and performs wild, heart-felt and charming acts of interactive theatre. She invites audiences to create performances alongside her, and creates cathartic and fleeting moments by weaving naive improvisation, non-verbal clowning and physical theatre driven by a child-like approach to play and imagination.

See more of Caitlin here.

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#5 – Bri Lee

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Bri Lee, prolific freelance writer, memoirist, and editor of Hot Chicks with Big Brains to chat about writing and the writing industry, and about balancing not just work and life, but also balancing the different kinds of work that one person does within the 'creative industries'.

Bri Lee is a Brisbane-based writer and the Founding Editor of Hot Chicks with Big Brains. Her debut memoir, Eggshell Skull, will be published by Allen & Unwin in early 2018.

You can see more of Bri here:

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#4 – Unqualified Design Studio / Shane Sugrue

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Shane Sugrue of the Unqualified Design Studio to discuss collaboration, design, education, and identity—among other topics.

Unqualified Design is a collaborative practice of young architects, artists & fabricators. They create interactive experiences to inspire and engage diverse audiences. Their aim is to transform participants into active contributors to the creative process, by generating roles and provoking actions, blurring the distinction between performer and spectator. The group has come together through a variety of creative initiatives including HSBNE, Modifyre, and The Wonky Queenslander.

Unqualified Design Studio is Shane Sugrue / Karl Richardson / Jason Beattie / Marisa Georgiou / Amy Learmonth / Sterling Blackett / Aleea Monsour.

See more of their work here:

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#3 – Ben Warren

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Ben Warren to talk about a humanoid esky and also some other, less important topics.

Ben’s writing credits include; Warning: Small Parts (Grin & Tonic 2012, HotHouse Theatre 2014, Regional Arts Victoria 2015), The Runaways (QUT 2013), As We Come Undone (QUT 2014 “Best in Show”), The Children’s Monologues (Digi Youth Arts 2015, SOLO Monologue Competition – WINNER Unpublished category 2015). Ben participated in Playlab’s Incubator program in 2016. 

You can see more of Ben at

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