House Conspiracy's Emerging Artist Residencies program is the first of its kind in Brisbane.

Emerging Artist Residencies

Residency applications are now open for Round 03. This is House Conspiracy's last application round for the year.


House Conspiracy is the first dedicated residency space of its kind in Brisbane. Over the course of a year we will be curating and facilitating dozens of Brisbane’s emerging creatives in undertaking residencies within the space. Everything that is created or that takes place will be documented, and it is this documentation—physical and digital—that will make House Conspiracy a valuable long-term reference point for the artists selected to make their mark on the space.

Between February 2017­ and February 2018, 68 Brisbane-based artists will be given private space for their use in creating new works over a series of Residency cycles. Four multidisciplinary practitioners will be facilitated during each period.

The ‘multidisciplinary’ label includes but is not limited to:


       Visual artists
       Writers (fiction & nonfiction)
       Poets (page & spoken word)
       Performance artists

       Mixed-media artists
       Playwrights and theatre-makers
       New-arts practitioners
       Interactive & digital artists


Note 01: emerging arts groups, collectives, and companies are able apply for the Residencies program, though sufficient reasoning for their team-based application must be provided.

Note 02: at this time, out of respect for our neighbours, sound artists are not currently able to apply for our Residencies program. House Conspiracy apologises for this.

Note 03: if you have previously participated in a Residency you are not eligible to apply again. Applicants who were unsuccessful in previous rounds are encouraged to submit updated applications.

Click here to view House Conspiracy's definition of 'Emerging Artist'.

Within your primary medium of practice, have you:

  • Released more than one professionally-published book?
  • Had a key role in creating more than one feature film that opened in limited release?
  • Had a key role in more than one show produced by a major production company?
  • Headlined more than one exhibition in a professional institution?
  • Released more than one album with a major record label?
  • Released more than one paid professional project for which you were the key creator?
  • Done a combination of more than two of the above?
If the answer to all these questions is no, then you qualify under House Conspiracy’s definition of ‘Emerging Artist’.
House Conspiracy Residencies 

Residencies will give artists the opportunity to work in a private studio and across House Conspiracy’s collaborative spaces to produce new work. If selected to be part of the Residencies program, artists will receive the following:

       24/7 access to House Conspiracy for the residency duration
       Their own private studio space
       A $400 stipend to put toward their practice
       Professional documentation of their work and processes
       Audio- and text-based interviews discussing their practice
       The opportunity to work alongside three other artists during their residency period
       Access to collaborative networks of talented practitioners from different disciplines
       The opportunity to showcase their work in the House Conspiracy space

The one rule is this: each artist must leave a physical mark on the space, changing it in some way, no matter the medium they work in.

There will be quarterly callouts for artists, and there are no costs for artists associated with the residencies program.

Residency applications are now open for Round 03. This is our last application round for the year.

We will be accepting 20 additional emerging artists/groups to undertake residencies during the following dates:

Residency 10 12 September – 8 October 2017
Residency 11 10 October – 5 November 2017
Residency 12 7 November – 3 December 2017
Residency 13 5 December – 31 December 2017
Residency 14 2 – 28 January 2018

Applications are due 11:59pm on Sunday, 30 July 2017. Email to Late applications will not be accepted. 

Good luck!

House Conspiracy's Residencies program is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, as well as by our generous Artist Patrons.