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House Conspiracy's official ideas and developments log.

The Conspirator: Pre-Order Now


The Conspirator is House Conspiracy's end-of-year publication. It celebrates and documents the work of the 91 emerging artists we supported in our first year.

Quick facts:

  • 500 limited-edition copies, individually-numbered 
  • 272 full-colour pages (210 x 260mm)
  • Two sides (The Artists; The House)
  • Featuring more than 90 Brisbane-based emerging artists
  • Detailing the behind-the-scenes of a non-profit arts organisation
  • Professional, lasting artefact for House Conspiracy and its artists

The Conspirator will be an important marker of the meaningful change House Conspiracy has created for Brisbane’s arts community in our first year of operation.

In addition to showcasing our artist alumni, The Conspirator also dedicates an entire side to the documentation of House Conspiracy's organisational processes, a resource for artists and organisations to reference in undertaking future projects.

The Conspirator will serve as a reference for what it is possible to do for emerging artists of all ages, backgrounds, and practices.