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Vena Cava Productions

Dream A House
May 18 – 21

You are met at the front door of a house, or perhaps you knock and the door swings open to your touch?

You hesitate at the door, uncertain of your next step, until an enticing smell captures your attention, and you follow your nose through the door, and deeper into the house.

Dream a House is an immersive labyrinth installation that takes you through the corridors of memories you hold, and dreams you have traversed. Logic and causality step aside to make way for instinct and senses, as the poetics of space takes you deeper into the world of dreams.

Enter one by one to explore Vena Cava Productions dream a house in this year’s Anywhere Theatre Festival. Join us at West End’s House Conspiracy from Thursday the 18th of May until Sunday 21st to experience this compilation of dreams and memories and their transference into the architecture of a home.

Directed by:
Sarah Winter

Production Manager:
Siobhan Martin

Stage Management Team:
Rebekkah Law / Samuel Seagrott

Creative Team:
Siobhan Gibbs / Victoria Barlow / Tahlia Downs / Daniel Martinez-Lopez / Elizabeth Hunt / Olivia Brand / Jasmine Kennedy / Perry James


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