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#35 – Ellie-Lea Jansson asks: are our reactions to light learned or innate?


Interdisciplinary installation artist Ellie-Lea Jansson sits down with Jonathan O'Brien to discuss art-life balance, and how lighting affects our interactions with space.

Ellie-Lea’s practice currently explores the role of objects and their power to influence personal and societal identity. Experimenting with a range of processes including text based, digital and 3D mixed-media, she is transforming her practice from trained painter to multimodal artist. Intrinsic to all of these approaches is the selection of materials and methods for their inherent relationship with the ideas being examined. Ellie-Lea works at an institutional level within the arts and has studied Visual Arts, Film and Education. She has travelled and resided in many parts of Queensland and Australia and is currently Brisbane-based. Through investigating immersive methods that are both personal and vulnerable, her practice explores a subjective and at times interactive approach to art making that references her nomadic life and makes visible the fluid and collective notion of identity. 

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