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#9 – Lia Stark: "Are we being ethical sluts?"

House Conspiracy's Jonathan O'Brien sits down with Lia Stark to talk sexuality, feminism, New York, and why she's so damn angry.

Lia Stark is a Brisbane-based independent theatre-maker whose practice is focused on extending the female voice. Since graduating from QUT in 2014, she has gone onto work with Punchdrunk's Sleep No More in New York City and trained with movement choreographer Stacey Donovan of the The Improbable Stage. Upon returning to Australia, she co-devised an tradicomedy theatre piece called Love Letters to Fuckbois and Other Woes of Wayward Women with Melina Wightman and it sold out  at both Brisbane's Anywhere Festival and Melbourne Fringe. Lia's theatre practice will always strive to achieve one of three manifesto-like goals; the engagement with, examination of and proliferation of the female perspective, the use of personal testimony/truths at the centre of every story and creating theatre that is community-led incitement for change.

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