01 Unqualified Design Studio


Unqualified Design Studio

Cycle 01 // Studio 1

Unqualified Design is a collaborative practice of young architects, artists & fabricators. They create interactive experiences to inspire and engage diverse audiences. Their aim is to transform participants into active contributors to the creative process, by generating roles and provoking actions, blurring the distinction between performer and spectator. The group has come together through a variety of creative initiatives including HSBNE, Modifyre, and The Wonky Queenslander.

Unqualified Design Studio is: 
Shane Sugrue / Karl Richardson / Jason Beattie / Marisa Georgiou / Amy Learmonth / Stirling Blackett / Aleea Monsour

House Conspiracy Podcasts/Galleries/Showcases:

House Conspiracy Podcast Episode #4.

Open House 01.