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Friends! They say if you can't describe something in simple terms then you don't understand it well enough.


This week we finally got our act together and figured out what this whole 'House Conspiracy' thing is, in simple terms. This is thanks, in no small part, to Cinnamon Smith, House Conspiracy's new Marketing Manager. This week she's had us drilling down to the core of this thing, grinding all the gears together, and churning out ideas and feelings and simple communication.

We hope it's all starting to make sense now.

In other news, there's only a week till our first round of Emerging Artist Residency applications close on December 5th. You can still check it out and download an application form. Send in your completed form to before 11:59pm next Monday for your chance to take part in the program.

Also, in the spirit of giving season, why not check out how to become a Patron of House Conspiracy? It's a big part of making this whole thing possible.

You can download all the information by hitting the button below:

For now, that's all we've got. We'll have some more news for you in the next couple weeks, and we promise it'll be good.

Until then—all the best,

Jonathan O'Brien
Creative Director
on behalf of House Conspiracy